go with the flow – that’s what we’re taught —and like blind sheep we believe what we’re told—- heading towards one direction a misguided youth without connection —-I choose a way off the beaten track—- a herder has never been a sheep’s best friend ——blind leading the blind —- obeying by tradition —-veer away, —-all you need is volition—- I’m not the only one – –there is more of my kind—- I am a renegade fighting to survive—– I’m not the only one —- there is more of my kind —–stray from the path —-leave the mass behind —–we’re lost – —we miss the forest for the trees —–that’s why we’re pleased with living life on our knees—– there’s no right way in this labyrinth—– stray from the path stray from the path — escape prescribed conformity —-stray from the path – break the uniformity —-stray from the path – get out of control —–stray from the path —- we’re here, —-you’re not alone! —-stray from the path